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Megan, 21.
UC Merced c/o 2014
Student Manager
I love everything out doors and conservation biology. I have the love of my life by my side, a good bottle of wine, and having the time of my life.

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I don’t know what I did in my sleep but my nipple was so mad today. It just keeps bleeding and is all bruised. Poor nipple.

So getting my nipple pierced was the most intense moment of my life to date. On the drive to haight from pier 39 was the most nerve racking thing ever. I kept bouncing around, slapping my hands on my purse, grabbing Alan’s hand and screaming oh my gosh it’s happening. We see the place and I just lost it. We parked so I started chewing gum. We walk into the shop and it is the cutest tattoo shop ever. You walk in an just see all of this beautiful jewlwery and are greeted by the sweetest ladies. They made me feel total at home and comfy. Becky, my piercer, was the sweetest. She made me feel comfortable even having to be topples, commented on how my nipple had the perfect lined up indentations already in them so making the hole was easy for her. She told us the story of how right when she was 18 the first thing she had pierced were here nipples and then she started piercing. When it came time for the piercing I didn’t scream or move much I just sat there completely still. Now the pain was unreal and instant. It felt like it was on fire and I never liked a cold compress to my boob so much. When it was done I walked out feeling amazing. Then we went on our way for lunch and the pain was just unreal. It didn’t hurt it just burned, nothing really describes the feeling. I was in pain most of lunch until I got ibuprofen but since it hasn’t hurt and the piercing was 7 hours ago. Got to say it’s pretty hot and will probably be back in December to pierce the other one.

Damn bay area traffic #birthdaytrip #sf

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My cat brought us a present today.  I have never seen a rabbit SO angry. 

****He was set free 10 minutes after being caught, photographed, and driven to a nearby field :)





T R U S T .

Its a must-have. Don’t fuck with anyone that disrupts your trust.

needless to say after breaking a cabinet with less than a month before our lease is up, we worked things out.

soo freaking excited to get my nipple pierced tomorrow. first stop at pier 39, I also found a super cute tattoo shop on Haight, then clam chowder bowls and oysters for lunch, maybe a burlesque show in the evening, taking away alans twin peaks, el farolito, and treasure island virginity, and some good coffee somewhere in between. we also plan on walking/ cheap travel to save on parking and driving and most of the afternoon will be free time until sunset.



i mean:


"but then you looked at me with your blue eyes, and my agnosticism turned into dust" 


"but then you came and I saw you smiling just like an angel so beautifully strange" 





this dork:














this guy is a guardian of the galaxy 

I feel safer already


not what you expect to see in the World Cup final

Fuck that mad me insanely hungry.

So I’m making some dinner after work. It’s chicken strips with Mac n cheese bitch. Best motha Fucking dinner ever. Best idea ever. Marry me already.